EnerGuide Rating

The EnerGuide rating system developed by The Office of Energy Efficiency of Natural Resources Canada is designed to show the energy performance of a home. In basic terms, EnerGuide estimates the net amount of energy consumed annually in a home independent of occupant behavior. To achieve this rating: a) an accredited Home Energy Advisor gathers relevant data on-site; b) these data are analyzed using NRCan’s energy simulation software; and c) a rating is processed and documented.

The first step in lowering your energy bill, improving your health and comfort, and reducing your environmental impact is performing an EnerGuide Rating.

There are provincial and Federal rebates for performing EnerGuide Rating. Having an EnerGuide Rating done is mandatory to be eligible for Canada Greener Homes grants.

At Meta energy, our NRCan-certified Energy Advisors can perform EnerGuide Rating based on your requirements in a timely manner.

Building Air-Tightness Testing

Air leakage can cause a significant amount of energy loss through the building envelope. As such, the airtightness of a house can impact its efficiency, well-being and comfort of the occupants. Performing blower-door test is the best way to measure how leaky your building is. This test is used to determine the equivalent leakage area at 10 Pa and the air changes per hour at 50 Pa.

At Meta Energy, our NRCan-certified Energy Advisors can perform blower door tests as part of the EnerGuide Rating requirement or as part of the mid-construction air barrier performance.

BC Step Code Compliance

Based on the BC Building Code, new buildings can comply choosing either: a) prescriptive path; or b) performance path.

Prescriptive path can be achieved by satisfying all the requirements of building code where as the performance path uses energy modeling to satisfy the performance of the building compared to a reference building.

BC Step code is designed based on the performance path. There are 5 steps for part 9 buildings. Currently, BC Building Code requires Step 1 which can be achieved by following prescriptive path. However, as the building code is evolving the higher step will be the minimum requirement which would be harder to comply using prescriptive path.

At Meta Energy, our NRCan-certified energy advisors and building performance specialists can help you by performing blower door tests at mid- and final-stage of construction, pre- and post-construction energy modeling, and generating required reports.